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Version History

May 15, 20203.51Major Update

The update includes a couple of issue fixes and UI improvements.

Functional Changes:

  • Account name and folder path of folders in the list will be displayed when duplicates removal algorithm is run for multiple folders at one time.

Issues Fixed:

  • In certain scenarios application would make Microsoft Outlook unresponsive.
  • In rare cases, item creation date would not be read correctly.

October 19, 20183.49Major Update

The updated version of Duplicate Remover will remove duplicate and junk items correctly even with the latest Windows October Update.

June 29, 20183.48Major Update

This is a routine update dedicated to make sure product runs stable and without issues on latest environment, therefore includes latest versions of components. Several cosmetic and low priority issues were fixed as well.

Components used:

  • Lib4Team 3.90.396.0
  • Lib4Updates
  • Redemption
  • Outlook Premium Support

October 31, 20173.47Major Update

With this update we address couple issues with the Duplicate Killer Trial limitations not working correctly, as well as couple of other bug fixes. Latest Redemption version included into this upgrade to make sure better performance and stability with latest Outlook versions.

Issues Fixed

Duplicate Killer Issues:

  • Trial limitation was working incorrectly – even though 10 duplicates were processed users could process 10 more repeatedly after performing the search again;
  • The Trial limitation of 5 manual duplicate merges was not working, client could merge as many groups as he wanted;
  • The Wizard could not be completed because of the outdated component used (RICHTX32.OCX);
  • Many User Interface issues were fixed that occurred when user would set the PC DPI setting to more than 100%.

February 3, 20173.46Major Update

This update includes important bug fix for our international customers – only ASCII symbols or current system locale symbols were considered when searching for duplicate items or displaying them. Now all Unicode symbols are compared and shown correctly.

Issues Fixed

Duplicate Killer Issues:

When searching for duplicates or displaying items software was not working as supposed to - if item contained information in Unicode – the corresponding symbol from ASCII was taken instead. This issue affected both searching for duplicates and displaying such items in the user interface.

October 10, 20163.45Major Update

Several important issues were fixed in this update: crashes with Skype for Business Contacts, freeze when relatively many items are being searched / processed.

Issues Fixed

Duplicate Killer Issues:

  • Duplicate Killer would crash when merging Skype for Business or Global Address Book Contacts.
  • Duplicate Killer would freeze when searching / processing relatively many contacts (usually more than several thousands, but all depending on computer RAM accessible at he moment).
  • Disabled “Deactivate” button, which did not work and should not be working.
  • Couple of other minor issues.

April 14, 20163.44Major Update

Installation files have been signed with new digital certificate supporting SHA256; Several issues fixed.

Issues Fixed

Duplicate Killer Issues:

  • “Delete Duplicate Incoming Emails” profile issues when used with Exchange and POP accounts - duplicate incoming emails were not removed every time;
  • McAfee Antivirus no longer finds KillerLauncher.exe as a threat;
  • The check if Outlook is 32 or 64 bit when installing, removed from the MSI where it was located before. This check present and left intact in IS and NSIS installers, but now you will be able to take the MSI and install without the message that "Outlook version is not supported."

November 5, 20153.43Major Update

This update brings full support for Windows 10 and MS Outlook 2016. Latest version also includes important fixes.

Functional Updates:

  • On computers with 64bit Microsoft Outlook, Duplicate Remover 64bit is now downloaded and installed during the setup.
  • Duplicate Killer has been tested and now works on Windows 10 and Microsoft Outlook 2016.

Issues Fixed:

  • Duplicate Killer would freeze on Outlook 2013 if duplicate Note items were found.
  • When merging Tasks without the due date in one of them the resulting item’s due date is set to 12/30/1899.
  • Duplicate removal profiles set to non-active are now hidden from the ribbon.
  • In the "Edit profile" window, some button titles would not fit correctly.

August 15, 20133.41.0650Minor Update

This update deals with the Duplicate Killer installing incorrectly on computers running “Click-to-Run” version of Outlook. Installation now automatically detects computers running “Click-to-Run” version of Outlook 32 bit and installs the appropriate edition.

January 9, 20133.40.0648 Major Update

This update includes a new junk contacts removal functionality which was first introduced in Duplicate Remover, and a redesigned duplicates report dialog with improved functionality.

Functional Updates:
  • Search and removal of junk contacts. Contacts that contain too little information can now be found and removed using the Junk Contacts Wizard.
  • Management of found junk contacts. It allows reviewing each found junk contact and updating it if necessary.
  • Redesigned duplicates report dialog with improved functionality.
  • Improved automatic duplicate search of incoming email messages, when different destination folders are used.
  • Compatible with the latest Windows 8 and Office 2013.
Issues Fixed:
  • E-mail addresses retrieved from Exchange accounts were shown incorrectly in several dialogs.
  • Some minor text issues were corrected in dialogs in different languages.

June 16, 20113.30.0640Major Update

This update includes new functionality to hide items that are found as duplicates, if for some reason you don’t want them to be shown again in the duplicates report. Several other issues related to merging have been fixed as well.

Functional Updates:
  • Prevent some items from appearing in duplicates report. Now you can hide the items you don’t want to appear in the duplicates report, if they are not considered as duplicates for some reason. Just select the "Do not show as duplicate" option on the selected items context menu and the items will never appear in the report again.
Issues Fixed:
  • When merging duplicate contacts with several addresses, in some scenarios one of the addresses would not be merged, and the resulting contact would have 2 identical addresses saved into different address fields.
  • Advanced wizard could not be started in Outlook 2010 when the To-Do Task view was open.

October 16, 20103.20.0637Major Update

  • Outlook folder selection dialog improved. Outlook sub-folders are retrieved dynamically, avoiding issues with large folder structures and remote folders.
  • Duplicates merge into the resulting item improved. The list of categories and notes text from all duplicates are now merged into the resulting item.
Issues Fixed:
  • In some cases when there are Exchange folders configured in Outlook, not all Outlook folders would be visible in Outlook folder selection dialog
  • The option "Which items to consider as duplicates" suggested "Identical Items" by default instead of "Similar items"
  • The "Send by e-mail" button would not work in the "Edit Profiles" dialog
  • Selected categories would not fit into the dialog in the Wizard "Item properties to compare" step
  • Item properties selected when clicking on the "Select Default" button in the Wizard "Item properties to compare" step differ from properties suggested by default when visiting the Wizard for the first time
  • Strange symbols instead of folder names would be shown in the Wizard after Outlook folder is changed in the Wizard step where actions with duplicate items are selected
  • Duplicate Killer Wizard would not open when in To-Do List in Outlook 2010
  • The application toolbar and menu would not appear if more than one Outlook 2007 window is open
  • Outlook 2010 hidden folders were visible in the Outlook folder selection dialog
  • The "Debug" buttons could be added to the Outlook 2010 ribbon
  • The "Activate" option was shown in the "Merge" dialog for the activated product
  • Some textual issues in some dialogs have been corrected in all languages
  • In some scenarios, when merging items, an attachment would be placed inside the notes text, replacing some text letters
  • Duplicates would not be found among items with specific message class (IPM.)
  • In some cases, when running Advanced Wizard, an additional "Form1" form would appear in the task bar causing the Wizard and Outlook to go into a "not responding" state

November 30, 20093.10.0629Major Update

  • Support of Windows 7 and Outlook 2010.The product was tested on Windows 7 and updated to support Outlook 2010. A new separate tab now appears in Outlook 2010
  • Minor German and French text issues corrected

July 27, 20093.01.0625Major Update

  • German and French language support added.  The Product was translated and fully tested with German and French editions of Windows and Outlook.
  • "Identical Item" duplicate search type is suggested by default in Quick and Advanced wizards.
  • Some functional improvements to the "Merge" dialog added.
  • In Quick Wizard empty values are now also compared with other values during  the duplicate search

May 26, 20093.00.0616Major Update

  • New Report Of Found Duplicates. The updated report with the list of found duplicates now provides more options to manage your duplicate items, and simplifies the process of resolving.
  • Updated Duplicate Merging Dialog. The dialog functionality has been dramatically improved, allowing you to quickly review and merge the fields you want.
  • New properties to search added to Calendar and Contacts Wizard.
  • Many improvements to duplicate search algorithm have been made.
  • Many minor issues fixed.

September 26, 20072.20.0596Major Update

  • Search for Duplicates in Distribution Lists. Now you can search for duplicates in Distribution Lists. Choose "Search for duplicates in distribution lists" from the toolbar, select a distribution list and delete duplicate e-mail addresses.
  • Predefined Profiles. Most popular duplicate search scenarios are now installed as predefined profiles - deletion of duplicate contacts, events and e-mails. Kill duplicates in seconds with one simple click.
  • Send Profile to Other Users by E-mail. You can now send your customized profile to any recipient.
  • Shortcuts added to the Windows "Program Files" menu, icons in the "Quick Launch" toolbar and on Windows Desktop.
  • Folder selection dialog appears again instead of the "Search is not allowed" message, if an incorrect folder was selected where duplicate search was not allowed.
  • Duplicate post and mail items were not detected as duplicates.

April 13, 20072.11.0564Major Update

  • Support of Exchange type folders including Public Folders is now enabled(except for Outlook 2007 that will be added in the next update).
  • An option to mark the found duplicates with selected category (-ies) has been added, with category colors on Outlook 2007.
  • Support for Windows Vista and Office 2007.
  • Windows Vista activation problem
  • On some systems a black square symbol instead of "…" on "Compare/Merge…" button would appear

January 8, 20072.10.0545Major Update

  • The new Improved Advanced Wizard. The completely new wizard now allows to selecting the appropriate search criteria in seconds.
  • The new Quick Wizard with scenarios Pre-defined search scenarios are now added to the quick wizard.
  • Improved Search Algorithm The improved search criteria and additional options to determine the original items are added.
  • Improved Found Duplicates Management Form (report) Some adjustments have been made in the duplicate management form to make the process of handling the found duplicates more simple.
  • Improved merge dialog.
Fixed Problems:
  • Some issues with calendar and tasks items resolved.
  • Program’s functioning on Outlook 2002 improved.

October 5, 20062.00.0496Minor Update

  • Report and merge dialog updated.

September 29, 20062.00.0496Major Update

  • Item auto Merging.
  • Manage duplicates (edit, merge, or skip) before final processing.
  • Updated User interfaces and wizard.
  • Improved profile settings interface.
  • Merge up to 5 selected folder items without copy-paste.

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